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Oshima High School Culture Festival

Oshima High School Culture Festival

June 9, 2024, marked ‘Daiko’ Oshima High School’s 75th annual Culture Festival. Featuring various performances, spectators could see the efforts students have put into activities such as calligraphy, dance, karate, and more.

Students also decorated their classrooms with themes such as art showcases, games and riddles, and even a haunted house! The pamphlet also included a stamp rally as visitors explored classrooms around campus. The prize for collecting all the stamps–a pen in your choice of color and bragging rights to all your friends!

It was a pleasure to explore the campus, unique from many other campuses for its open-air design, before grabbing some snacks at the concession stand outside. Cream sodas and snow cones were a popular choice to stave off the summer heat. I look forward to going to ‘Amako’ Amami High School’s Culture Festival as well in the fall!

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