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For Amami

From Flight Duration Airlines
Tokyo (Haneda Airport) 2hr 20 min Japan Airlines
Tokyo (Narita International Airport) About 2hr 55 min Peach Aviation
Osaka (Itami Airport) About 1hr 50 min Japan Airlines
Osaka (Kansai International Airport) About 1hr 55 min Peach Aviation
Fukuoka (Fukuoka Airport) About 1hr 20 min Japan Airlines
Kagoshima (Kagoshima Airport) About 1hr Japan Air Commuter
Kagoshima (Kagoshima Airport) About 1hr Skymark Airlines
Okinawa ( Naha Airport ) About 1hr 5 min Ryukyu Air Commuter

Other Amami Archipelago Islands

From Flight Duration Airlines
Kikaijima (Kikai Airport) About 20 min Japan Air Commuter
Tokunoshima (Tokunoshima Airport) About 35 min Japan Air Commuter
Okinoerabujima (Okinoerabu Airport) Via Tokunoshima Japan Air Commuter
Yoronjima (Yoron Airport) About 45 min Japan Air Commuter



For Kagoshima, Other Amami Archipelago Islands, Okinawa

Ship Name Route
Naminoue/Akebono/Queen Coral Plus/Queen Coral Eight Kagoshima Route
Kagoshima(Shinko Port) - Amami Oshima(Naze Port) - Tokunoshima(Kametoku Port) - Okinoerabujima(Wadomari Port) - Yoronjima(Yoron Port) - Okinawa(Motobu Port) - Okinwawa ( Naha Port)
Kikai/Amami Kikai Route
Kagoshima (Main Port North Pier Terminal "Kagoshima Honko Kitafuto" ) - Kikaijima ( Wan Port) - Amami Oshima(Naze Port) - Amami Oshima(Koniya Port) - Tokunoshima(Hetono Port) - Okinoerabujima(China Port)

For Tokara Islands

Ship Name Route
Toshima Kagoshima (Main Port South Pier Terminal "Kagoshima Honko Minamifuto" ) - Kuchinoshima - Nakanoshima - Suwanosejima - Tairajima - Akusekijima - Kodakarajima - Takarajima - Amami Oshima ( Sadaikuma Port)
For Tokara Islands

For Kakeromajima

Ship Name Route
Kakeroma Ikenma Route
Amami Oshima (Koniya Port) - Kakeromajima (Ikenma Port)
Kakeroma Seso Route
Amami Oshima (Koniya Port) - Kakeromajima (Seso Port)

For Ukejima, Yorojima

Ship Name Route
Setonami Amami Oshima (Koniya Port) - Ukejima (Ukeamuro Port) - Ukejima ( Ikeji Port ) - Yorojima ( Yoro Port )

Bus & Taxi

Aside from rental cars, Amami Oshima also has multiple bus lines and taxi companies in operation. The primary route is managed by the Shima Bus company, which runs from Amami Airport to Naze, Amami City, and extends southward to Setouchi Town. The remaining bus routes have limited schedules with less frequent services. While certain tourist destinations are reachable by bus, it’s important to note that bus travel typically consumes more time compared to using a car. Please note that bus fares are exclusively payable in cash, specifically in 1,000 yen bills or smaller denominations of yen coins.

Taxis are situated directly beside the arrivals exit of Amami Airport and can be reserved by phone (in Japanese). Please consult with the airport information desk if any problems arise. Your accommodation may also assist with taxi reservations.


Company Phone Number URL Area
Shima Bus 0997-52-0509 https://www.exploreamami.com/shimabus Amami Oshima (various routes)
Yamato Village Bus 0997-57-2117 https://www.exploreamami.com/yamato Yamato Village to Naze
Nanbu Kotsu Bus 0997-72-1904 https://www.exploreamami.com/nanbu Setouchi Town
Kakeroma Bus 0997-75-0447 https://www.exploreamami.com/kakeroma Kakeromajima

Map of the four bus companies and their routes:

Shima Bus Timetable: Airport Line(from Amami Airport to Naze City Area)

From Amami Airport to Naze(PDF)

Shima Bus Timetable: Airport Line(from Naze City Area to Amami Airport)

From Naze to Amami Airport(PDF)

Shima Bus Timetable: Koniya Line

Koniya Line(PDF)


Company Phone Number URL
Oshima Taxi 0997-52-2233 https://oshimataxi.jp/
N-1 Taxi 0997-52-3223 http://nisikawa.net/n-1taxi/kagoshima.html
Minami Taxi 0997-53-0023 https://minamitaxi-amami.com/

Rental Car

Due to the mountainous landscape, a car is ideal transportation for those who are planning to visit more areas of the island. Most companies have an online reservation system, but many reservations can be done over the phone (most likely in Japanese only). Many companies have a limited number of cars available, so it is recommended that rental car reservations be made in advance.

Driving in Japan requires either a Japanese driver’s license or another form of license, depending on the country of which your license is valid in. Please see the following links from the Japan Automobile Federation for more information.

Information about driver’s licenses:

Information about traffic rules and more:

Rental Car

Company Phone Number URL
Amami Rent-A-Car 0997-55-2633 https://www.amami-rentacar.co.jp/
Orix Rent-A-Car 0997-63-1201 https://car.orix.co.jp/shops/?shops_pk=773
Nippon Rent-A-Car 0997-55-2400 https://sasp.mapion.co.jp/b/nrs/info/010922/?BT3=selectReserveOfficeWithRecommendation&ret=3
Toyota Rent-A-Car 0997-63-0100 https://rent.toyota.co.jp/rakuraku/step1.aspx
Nico Nico Rent-A-Car 0997-63-0999 https://www.2525r.com/kagoshima/amamioshima/store-00897-001.html
100 Yen Rent-A-Car 0997-55-2771 https://100yen-rentacar.jp/store/512.html
Amami Lucky Rent-A-Car 0997-58-8663 http://amami-lucky-rentacar.com/
Times Car Rental 0997-63-0240 https://rental.timescar.jp/kagoshima/shop/4604/
Libest Rent-A-Car 0997-57-1100 http://libest-rentacar.com/
Amami Yui Rent-A-Car 0120-780-076 https://amami-yui-rentacar.com/
Honda Rent-A-Car 0997-57-1450 https://amami-hondarentacar.jp/
Amami Kuko-mae Rent-A-Car 0997-55-2711 http://aaf-rent.com/

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