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Winter Birdwatching on Amami

Winter Birdwatching on Amami

Among the blooming of ‘hikanzakura’ cherry blossoms, winter on Amami sees the migration of animals big and small–that is, the migration of whales and birds!

Japanese white-eye, or mejiro, birds flitter between the cherry blossoms, and great cormorants perch on rocks along the coastline. If you’re lucky, you might even spot a grey-faced buzzard while driving down the road!

For the best chance to view even the birds far out from the coast, it is recommended to bring binoculars or a spotting scope.

Various birds, including the aforementioned, come to Amami Oshima for the winter, and some of the best sightseeing spots are very easy to get to! Ose Coast is one of the most popular spots to go birdwatching on Amami, and it is only a six-minute drive from the airport. Another eight minutes from there, you can visit Suno Dam to look for ducks and more birds while leisurely walking along a trail surrounded by cherry blossom trees.

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