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2023 Ohama Summer Festival

2023 Ohama Summer Festival

The 25th Annual Ohama Summer Festival was held this past weekend at Ohama Seaside Park in Amami, Kagoshima. Dance groups and bands performed throughout the 2-day event with some performers even traveling from Tokyo! Ohama Beach is known for its beautiful white sands, glistening ocean waves, breathtaking sunset views, and starlit night skies, so attendees were treated to a perfect backdrop for the festivities.

Despite July's intense summer heat, performers and spectators enjoyed themselves until the event came to a close. The sunset at Ohama Beach brings both a beautiful view and a pleasant relief from the heat.

If you're considering attending this event in Ohama, or future summer events, it's highly recommended to bring a tarp or towel to sit on and perhaps even a small cooler. However, you'll find numerous food stalls offering a variety of refreshing drinks and delicious cuisine, so even if you only bring your wallet, you'll be well-prepared! The event itself is free to attend and promises a delightful summer Amami experience.

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