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Typhoon Mawar

Typhoon Mawar

As Typhoon Mawar makes its way to Amami Oshima, this is a reminder to keep an eye on the weather, stay safe, and be prepared for travel delays. While typhoon season for the Amami Islands is from August to September, it is not unheard of for typhoons to come anytime between May to November.

The flower pictured above is a deigo, also known as a tiger's claw or Indian coral tree. They bloom in the spring on Amami, and locals say that the more beautifully the deigo trees bloom, the more typhoons there will be that year. This particular tree was starting to bloom as early as the end of February, a rare occurrence. Throughout the spring months, many made it to full bloom this year.

Therefore, when venturing to Amami Oshima, it is wise to prepare backup plans for inclement weather. However, Amami's vibrant and lush nature thrives under these weather conditions, so be sure to enjoy the diverse wonders of Amami, including the enchanting typhoon flowers.

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