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Kikaijima Movie

Kikaijima Movie

On March 28, 2023 there was an advanced screening of the upcoming horror movie by the acclaimed filmmaker, Takashi Shimizu, scheduled to appear in theaters around Japan on June 16. Local actors, advisors, and others involved in the making of the movie got a first look at the thrilling cinematic piece.

The movie's title is a kanji word play on Kikaijima, an island east of Amami Oshima. However, a majority of the filming was shot in Kasari, Amami City and the island of Kakeromajima. Kakeromajima is accessible by ferry from the southern port of Amami Oshima. Besides the popular Japanese actor, Daigo Nishihata, playing as the lead, locals also appeared on screen as extras and actors in minor roles. Included in these actors were three middle school girls from Kakeromajima!

The techno-horror movie tells the legend of a vengeful spirit and includes references to the culture of the island. The set hired locals to oversee the usage of the ‘shimaguchi’ island language and dialect. With references to the Noro priestesses and the ancient spirituality of the island, the ties between our world and the ‘other-side’ were presented in a chilling and thought-provoking manner. With the focus on a technological ‘other-side’ of virtual reality and the interlacing of tradition and metaverse, one is led to think about the relationship between humankind and technology.

Coconuts House. A vacation house on Kakeromajima used as one of the main sets

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