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Tsumugi Day 2023

Tsumugi Day 2023

On January 5th, Amami Oshima celebrated its 45th Tsumugi Day! For this event, people of all ages gathered together at the AiAi Hiroba in Naze, Amami City, while wearing their beloved tsumugi. There were various activities to pick from, such as trying on kimonos, crafting bookmarks, weaving, shopping, entering a raffle, and having professional photos taken.

On the stage, performances and speeches celebrated the culture of the island. One of the main highlights was the announcement of the new Miss Tsumugi titleholders who will share and represent Amami Oshima Tsumugi for the next two years. The three ladies then led a procession through the streets as numerous people showcased their tsumugi kimonos for all to see.

Even though Tsumugi Day is over, you can still showcase your tsumugi online! Check out @tsumugiday0105 for their Instagram campaign that lasts until February 5th. By following them and tagging #45紬の日 with a picture of you wearing Authentic Amami Oshima Tsumugi, you can have a chance to win special prizes! Please note to be eligible to receive a prize, your account must be public, and you need a shipping address within Japan.

We hope to see you at our next Tsumugi Day!

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