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Summer Festivals

Summer Festivals

This past weekend Tatsugo Town had its summer festival consisting of traditional funakogi boat races and fireworks. Food stalls, and other events, such as parades, were absent due to Covid-19 prevention measures. However, spectators and competitors alike were full-heartedly enjoying the first funakogi races in three years.

Be sure to check out the other upcoming festivals on Amami Oshima:
 -Amami Matsuri, 8/5 & 8/6
   (with three simultaneous firework displays in Naze, Kasari, and Sumiyo)
 -Setouchi Port Matsuri, 8/21
 -Hiratomi Matsuri in Yamato Village, 8/28

Beat Amami’s summer heat by being prepared and staying hydrated during the festivals. Amami’s beautiful waters will tempt you to jump right in!

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