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2 Weeks Beforehand
1. Avoid the ‘three Cs’: Confined spaces (with poor ventilation), Crowded places (with many people nearby), and Close contact (with people) to ensure that your risk of infection is as low as possible. Please avoid places and situations that may increase this risk as well.
2. Keep a safe distance away from others and regularly ventilate the area when indoors.
3. Follow the basic guidelines of washing hands, hand sanitizing and mask wearing!
4. Please check your health daily. Do you have a fever? A cough, runny nose, or other cold symptoms? Any lethargy? How about sense of taste and smell? An odd feeling in your throat?
Refrain from traveling if you are not feeling well.
5. If there is any possibility that you have been in contact with someone who contracted COVID-19, please make your trip to Amami another time.

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